Professional Slingshot Hunting Outdoor Hunter Shot Accurate Powerful 4/6 Bands


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This is a heavy equipment for slingshot hunting. It made from aluminium alloy. Solid handle.Removable wrist rest. The wrist rest and curvy structure use new patented technology. It is a well-deserved powerful slingshot. The palm and the jaws are attacked by force when shooting. The wrist and arm are in straight line as fix of wrist rest that making the slingshot stability. The design of curving handle makes that the slingshot tightly affix the palm that further improves the stability and emission power. The Slingshot designed for six bands and four bands. Two sights improve shooting accuracy which are on both sides of the slingshots. This professional slingshot has powerful force and accurate shooting that is specially suitable for outdoor hunting or sporting event.

Material: Aluminium alloy
Size: W100 x H158 mm
What's In The Box

- 1 x wrist support hunting slingshot
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 2mm OD 5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 3mm OD 6mm
- 1 x 6 strips band - ID 2.5mm OD 5mm
- 5mm block balls 20 pieces