Professional Slingshot Hunting Hunter Shot Skull Design Dual-Use 2/4 Bands


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The slingshot made of hard, lightweight and high-end magnesium aluminum alloy. It's exterior looks like skull that is out of the ordinary. Design is based on the concept of the traditional slingshot. The delicate and moist magnesium aluminum alloy with surface grinding to create a first-class practicality slingshot. The precision and stability performance are suitable for outdoor hunting or sporting event. It is a true collector's item.

Material: Magnesium aluminium alloy
Size: W84 x H145 mm
What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 1.7mm OD 4.5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 2mm OD 5mm
- 4.5mm block balls 20 pieces
- 6mm steel balls 20 pieces