Professional Hunting Gear Hunting Slingshot Wrist Catapult


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1.Two movable independent sighting devices, symmetrical structure, free assembly.
2.One of sights with a fluorescent aiming fibers that easily making a precise shotting.
3.Bow head can be removed, you can DIY your favorite bowhead structure.
4.Hollow handle, weight loss, anti-slip.
5.Unique springs designed to fix the wrist rest keeping body stableness when shooting,It is easy to disassemble.
6.The angle of wrist rest is adjustable.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Size: W100 x H173.5 mm
What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot
- 1 x flashlight clip
- 1 x magnet ring
- 1 x impeller
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 2mm OD 5mm
- 1 x 4 strips band - ID 3mm OD 6mm
- 1 x 6 strips band - ID 2.5mm OD 5mm
- 5mm block balls 20 pieces