Professional Hunting Slingshot Hunter Tool 4 Bands Outdoor Hunting Tool


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This slingshot has a scientific long arm design with curved sharp, making the feel more comfortable; forces of pulling the slingshot broken down into the palm of your hand, thereby reducing the forces that attack the finger. Gripping the slingshot is more robust, especially in the case of a large pull. Greatly improving the accuracy and stability. It is a heavy slingshot. Thickening of the arm, the palm is more susceptible to the force. It is 50g heavier than the ordinary traditional slingshot and the advantage is to increase the muzzle velocity of projectile firing and to enhance the power. Using the powerful rubber band that advantage is more significant. The height is 125mm, handle height is 57mm.The unique long arm combined with curved structure steadily decompose force to the palm of hand. One can confidently use it for outdoor slingshot hunting.

Material: 440C Stainless steel
Size: W98 x H125 mm
What's In The Box

- 1 x slingshot wrapped around rope
- 1 x looped band - ID 1.7mm OD 4.5mm
- 1 x looped band - ID 2mm OD 5mm